my style

How an image looks is down to the style in which it’s been produced; the way that the colours, tones, light and composition have been used all come together to create a photograph. The way in which I like to shoot reflects my background in fashion and portraiture. I like to produce images which appear effortless and natural, whilst still being chic and sophisticated.I am very experienced with shooting all kinds of women, and as a woman myself, I understand how important it is to feel relaxed and happy when being photographed. That’s why I’ll never direct you into an awkward or unflattering pose; if it doesn’t quite work, we’ll try something different. I want you to appear beautiful, unselfconscious and happy.I like to shoot the wedding day as though I’m telling a story, with each image flowing easily into the next. Every little detail is important, and I try to capture as much as possible, so that nothing is forgotten.